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Business case:

Worker morale, job satisfaction and poor communication among workers and between workers and management are common challenges for factories in China;

Such challenges can impact factory operations and productivity as it can lead to high levels of worker turnover;

Exacerbating such challenges can be the Chinese New Year Holiday when most factories face excessive turnover as workers elect to leave the factory and not return after the holiday.

Some of the root causes of excessive turnover over CNY are:

  1. No sense of belonging to the factory and the community they are working in
  2. Dissatisfaction with the factory, supervisors or fellow workers;
  3. Workers’ needs are not understood or management can not relate to workers.

The Problem:

Many companies have spent considerable time and money interviewing and surveying workers. However, such efforts often do not shed light into a worker’s life, experiences and expectations.

 What is missing?


The Solution:

Worker Self-Narration can illustrate experiences and background insight from a worker’s own view. Combined with worker surveys and worker interviews, the data is more powerful and personal.






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